Alpha Pools

Building a public or private pool

Alpha Pools has a long experience in the construction of various types of pools: above ground or inground, infinity or skimmer. We take care of all phases of the work, that include - after the development of the project following a thorough inspection, implementation - maintenance and assistance. We provide all the accessories necessary for the management of a public or residential swimming pool and we are ready to intervene in case of our customers’ special needs.

Design of inground or above ground swimming pools

The design of swimming pools takes place thanks to the collaboration with professionals able to plan small and major projects on an engineering level. The partnership with allows Alpha Pools to provide customers with renderings, systems design, drawings, dimensioning, diagrams and reports. Through these tools, we choose the most suitable materials to build the pool according to the customer’s technical needs and tastes, and in compliance with current regulations.

At this stage, it is possible to evaluate:

  • the installation of a wide range of options, including hydromassage, heat pumps, outdoor showers, water games and upstream swimming.
  • the choice of the type of automatism for the control and the treatment of the waters (controls also from remote, through App and Wi-fi);
  • the installation of a salt sterilizer that disinfects water naturally and effectively by electrolysis. This system prevents the customer from handling and storing chemicals and allows greater independence in the management of water treatment even for long periods;
  • the choice of a wide range of interior coverings including lacquered, 3D, and touch.

Energy saving private or public swimming pool

When designing a private or public swimming pool, two important factors are also considered:

  • the installation of variable speed pumps in order to reduce energy costs without compromising water quality. These pumps manage the water circulation in an intelligent and programmable way;
  • the installation of automatic, manual, rigid profiles, 4 seasons, isothermic, mousse covers that allow a significant saving both in energy and chemical consumption.

We pay the utmost attention to the enhancement of the ecological and economic part. In the realization of the hydraulic system we choose the best actuation and realization options, in the interest of the customer. At this stage, our team of experts offers personalized advice to illustrate all the solutions.

Some of our projects

Realization and construction of swimming pools

Together with our trusted partners, we realize state-of-the-art work and optimally manage the shipbuilding part, which includes excavation, permits, urban planning and construction management. This allows us to guarantee our customers an optimal result.

The heart of the construction of a swimming pool is the filtration plant. This must be in accordance of law, especially in the construction of a public or condominium pool, regulated in a very detailed way. The work must be carried out in such a way that it is easy to inspect the plant.

Pool maintenance

We handle the maintenance of swimming pools both for customers who entrust us with the design and construction, and for those who need only periodic interventions. The planning of the inspection and maintenance works can be agreed in advance with the client. For all customers, in particular for condominiums, we provide customized maintenance programs. Alternatively, we are also available for one-off interventions, just in case.

Among the services included we can distinguish those related to the opening of the pool at the beginning of the season, those of weekly maintenance and those related to the closing of the pool at the end of season.


  1. removal and cleaning of the winter cover
  2. flooring cleaning
  3. pool interior cleaning
  4. general control and commissioning of the plant
  5. pool suction cleaning
  6. pool water values control
  7. pool water treatment

Scheduled maintenance

  1. pool suction cleaning
  2. water surface cleaning
  3. poolside cleaning
  4. complete cleaning of filters, skimmers and sand washing filters
  5. values control and water treatment
  6. general plant operation control


  1. pool suction cleaning
  2. complete cleaning of filters, skimmers and sand washing
  3. securing of the filtration systems
  4. securing of the dosing systems
  5. laying of the winter cover

Assistance service for your pool

One of the strengths of Alpha Pools is after-sales service. We are fast, reliable and never leave a customer in trouble. In addition to the statutory two-year plant warranty, we also offer timely service to all our customers.