Alpha Pools

Our high quality swimming pool products

The swimming pool products used by Alpha Pools for cleaning and maintenance are of high quality, made in Italy and certified. Many of these chemicals are, according to the law, to be considered as surgical medical devices and their use has recently been regulated by a Decree-Law. The water in a swimming pool must in fact guarantee certain basic sanitary and hygienic requirements. For this purpose, the use of specific products and the control of certain chemical-physical parameters such as pH, chlorination and temperature are used. Below we list the items we handle, ready to give you further information about each product.

Dosing and control

  1. salt sterilizers
  2. public control units
  3. private control units
  4. dosing pumps
  5. analysis equipment

Water treatment

  1. chlorates
  2. pH adjustment
  3. salt
  4. salts of life
  5. anti-algae
  6. flocculant
  7. detergents


  1. automatic cleaners
  2. manual vacuum cleaners
  3. nets
  4. brushes
  5. poles


  1. heat exchangers


  1. wintry covers
  2. summery covers
  3. pool cover pumps
  4. winding rollers
  5. 4 seasons covers
  6. automatic covers

Chlorine for swimming pools

Chlorine for swimming pools is the most widely used product for disinfecting water, more effective, for example, than oxygen and bromine. It is a stable substance, easy to use and quite inexpensive. Chlorine suitable for sanitizing the pool water comes in various forms:

  • liquid chlorine
  • granular chlorine
  • tablets of chlorine
  • chlorination by electrolysis.

The active substance is the same, present in different concentrations and suitable for specific uses. It is generally used in granular form for shock chlorination. Slow-dissolving chlorine, called trichlon, is mainly used for maintenance and comes in the form of tablets. The liquid chlorine in jerrycans connects to the dosing pumps for a preset automatic release. Chlorination by electrolysis is based on the ability to transform the salt particles present in the water into chlorine. This in turn spreads in the pool for an increasingly pure and crystalline water.

Pool pH regulator

To be able to count on an optimal transparency and disinfection of the pool water it is necessary to maintain the correct pH. This also prevents fouling and makes water less aggressive on the skin. When the pH is not balanced, more disinfectants are also consumed. The water appears turbid and irritates the mucous membranes and the eyes of bathers. The automatic pH regulator of the pool is the answer to this problem.

The salts of life

Barchemicals Laboratories produce "Salts of Life Mg, K, I", a mixture of mineral salts based on Magnesium (Mg), Potassium (K), Iodine (I) and oligoelements with high biological activity. These products for swimming pools, dissolved in water, offer benefits comparable to those of alkaline magnesian earthy thermal waters. Through a process of biostabilization these salts reconstruct in fact the characteristics of the beneficial waters of the spa. Their special formulation, both in liquid and granular form, avoids the inconvenience caused by the difficulty of dissolving the solid salts and makes their use easier. As the manifacturing company reminds us, "the use of Salts of Life helps to transform moments of relaxation in the pool and in the SPA in an opportunity to combine health, wellness, pleasure and beauty".

Anti-algae, when to use it

The anti-algae pool products prevent the formation of algae on the walls and bottom of the structure and the appearance of bluish, greenish and black colors.

Algae are one of the most recurring and evident visual problems in the pool water. Normally they are not harmful to health, but they release waste during reproduction and thus promote the proliferation of harmful bacteria and other microorganisms.

What is the flocculant

The flocculant swells the floccules – microparticles of dirt present in the water – and brings them to the surface to allow them to be removed more easily. The very light and small particles suspended in the water such as bacteria, algae spores, dust carried by the air or by bathers and other micro-debris, in fact, do not lie on the bottom and are difficult to draw.

Flocculation, therefore, is an effective solution but must be managed by skilled professionals. For example, while performing it, it is important to check that the filter pressure does not rise excessively.

Pool cover, which to choose

A must of a good swimming pool cover is its installation and removal convenience. The best covers in terms of style and effectiveness are:

  • wintry covers. They protect the pool in the cold months by means of ultralight technical materials, resistant to UV rays and tears and insensitive to frost. They prevent algae photosynthesis and offer resistance to shock chlorination treatments;
  • summery isothermal bubble or mousse covers. They are the ideal solution during summer because they retain the heat accumulated by the water during the day and keep it at night. This prevents the water from evaporating and cooling. This system allows you to extend the period of use of the pool a few weeks from the end of the season and ensures energy and economic savings;
  • covers with rigid profiles (roller shutter). Tailor-made covers are created for aldready existing pools or for pools to be built, with UV resistant materials that allow them to keep the color unchanged over time. Their main mechanical feature is their high impact and weather resistance. They boast excellent insulating properties and guarantee a significant reduction in evaporation, as well as savings on the use of chemicals, and cleaning and maintenance operations;
  • 4 seasons automatic covers. Completely waterproof, keep the pool clean all year round. During summer they prevent heat loss and reduce evaporation. PVC fabric has special anti-UV treatment and is anti-abrasion. Key operation with quick openings/closures makes the use of this cover intuitive and practical.