Alpha Pools

Indoor or outdoor whirlpool, Turkish bath and sauna at home and in SPAs

The company Alpha Pools has a great experience in the facilities dedicated to the wellness industry. We provide our expertise for those who want to install an outdoor or indoor whirlpool, a sauna or a Turkish bath at home or in a SPA. One of our strengths is the study of tailor-made solutions for those who want to improve the well-being of their daily lives. We handle the design and redefinition of the rooms dedicated to relaxation in every detail. Quality of materials, modern and innovative design and continuous aesthetic updating are the pillars on which the work of Alpha Pools in the wellness field is based. We are able to create whirlpools and swimming pools suitable for any type of public and private environment.

The installation of the whirlpool bath

We create state-of-the-art whirlpool baths with an innovative design, created to give unforgettable moments every day, pleasant to see and practical to live. In the choice of product types and installation methods we are careful to minimize consumption and waste.

At the center of our attention is the comfort of our customers, obtained with seats made ad hoc in terms of depth and layout. Functional activation controls, variety and originality of the accessories allow you to get the best customization. You can fully enjoy this luxury item to promote relaxation and bring the body back to the right balance.

Outdoor or indoor whirlpool bath: is there a difference?

Actually there is no difference between indoor and outdoor whirlpools. The mini-pools equipped with air and water jets and other functions such as chromotherapy and aromatherapy allow the creation of relaxation areas both outdoors and indoors. They are coated with extremely resistant and durable materials and feature ergonomic and comfortable design. In this way they can guarantee the correct posture of the body and the maximum effectiveness of the hydro-massage. Some examples are the elbow sockets, the contours for the cervical area and the handles along the edges.

These baths give an immediate feeling of well-being and act on muscle contractures and tensions. The wide range of models available, in terms of sizes, types and versions from basic to full optional, allow us to meet a diverse audience. Angular, rectangular, circular, which is the best? Our experts will advise you and will always offer the guarantee of products made of the best materials, installed with CE certification and eventual IMQ certification.

Installation of the sauna at home and in wellness centers

We design and manufacture infrared saunas, bio saunas, traditional saunas and pools for wellness centers and domestic environments. In particular, for those who dream of a relaxation area of their own, we offer an assessment and preventive advice. You can choose the closest products to your lifestyle and revolutionize the way you live your living spaces.

Wellness at home

For true wellness enthusiasts, a sauna at home is a small luxury easy to realize, even tailored. It occupies the same space as a medium-sized wardrobe and the installation does not require large masonry works. The dimensions are customizable and we provide wall-mounted, corner or niche installations.
Alpha Pools staff verifies, among other things, the power of your home plant or SPA to adapt it to the energy consumption of the sauna. We guarantee the highest quality, energy efficiency and ease of use.

Hammam or Turkish bath installation at home and in wellness centres

Are you fascinated by the experience of the Turkish bath, combined with chromotherapy and aromatherapy, to purify and regenerate the body, as in a real hammam? We give you some more information about this structure. The Turkish bath is a structure equipped with a boiler capable of generating steam at a temperature of about 50°C. Thanks to the power of the boiler, a humidity rate is reached close to 100%. To benefit from this treatment it is necessary to have a water tapping point and a floor drain. Not everyone, therefore, can immediately install the Turkish bath at home and may need some work to adapt the space that will accommodate it.

Emotional showers

For many people, taking a shower is a daily gesture made not only for the hygiene of the body but also to enjoy a moment of relaxation. The suggestive light effects are combined with water to offer a back massage and a relaxing effect on the muscles. Aquatherapy and chromotherapy come together to bring benefit to both body and mood.